Trans7 Indonesia Live Streaming

Trans7 Indonesia Live Streaming


Trans7 is a private television station in Indonesia. It is  owned by Trans Corp. In Central Jakarta Trans7 established with the permission of the Department of Trade and Industry. Kompas Gramedia held 88 % share of this industry, means he is the owner. Trans7 published in State Gazette No 8687 as PT Duta Visual Nusantara Tivi Tujuh on November 25, 2001.

Trans7 Indonesia Live

TV7 was popular among the public since the first quarter of 2003. TV7 is relaying a live broadcast called Al Jazeera. This channel runs through a news program called Invasion Ke Irak during the U.S invasion of Iraq. This system followed by ANTV broadcasting television station called Al Arabiya. Generally, It is the welcomed TV7’s actions especially for those who disagree with the Western media’s truth.

On December 15, 2006, Trans7 relaunched, so it is the birth date of Trans7. And now Atiek Nur Wahyuni is the Manager Director of Trans7. The headquartered situated at Wisma Dharmala Sakti Floor 21 Jend. On 2 October 2001, Trans7 started your television broadcasting trial. Bandung was broadcast via UHF. UHF located in the Jadodetabek.

Nature of Programs

It represents many kinds of programmes like Extravaganza, the Dorce Show. It is also broadcasting religious programs, gossip, movies, and regular news. From 2002, Trans TV broadcasts every Thomas and Uber Cup. It is broadcasting sports programmes like 2002 Tiger Cup, La Liga and Copa del Rey. Trans7 broadcast football matches again with FA Community Shield, La Liga, England National Football since 2012.

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It went on air broadcasts to seven cities like Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Medan. It was introduced in November 2001.

Trans7 Indonesia Live Streaming
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