Net TV Indonesia Live

Net TV Indonesia Live


Net TV is a television station in Indonesia. It started trial broadcast on May 18, 2013. And this network was officially launched on the 26 May 2013. It is owned by Indika Group. Net is also doing broadcast its content through other communication channels like social networking and YouTube. In its grand launching the international singers like Carly Rae Jepsen, Taio Cruz supported it. Many other artists also helped such as Agnez Mo, Maudy Ayunda, Cherrybelle, Dewa 19, Alien, Ungu, Reza Rahardian and many more. NET Tv celebrated its second anniversary and invited singer Demi Lovato and Karmin.

Net TV Indonesia Live

Net TV History

PT. Net Mediatama Indonesia established to build a TV station in 2012. It is said to be “ media revolution.” The company got ownership of PT in March 2013. Before the wholly acquired in May, Televisa Anak Specetoon buying 95% shares. All over the Indonesia, NET started trail broadcast with the help of Spacetoon, already existing television frequencies, while Spacetoon transmission is only available on cable and satellite. Some Spacetoon programs put on a block that called NETOON. It was started on Monday- Friday at 1:30- 4 PM. This channel became the primary sponsor of the football club Persija Jakarta. NET declared a major sponsor of Persib Bandung.

Programmes of Net TV

1. 86 is an Indonesian documentary legal series. It leads police officers, constables, sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement agencies. This serial was played on first time on August 2, 2014.
2. The East is another Indonesian comedy program that is game on NET. This named is given for the building where the headquarters of NET located in Jakarta.

3. Indonesian morning show represents as Indonesian Breakfast television on NET. It has many kinds of updates like hard news, little news, and entertainment news. It broadcast for 1,5 hours.
4. X Games is an annual sports event. American sports broadcaster arranges it.

Net TV Indonesia Live
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