Radio Heartline karawaci

by on November 14, 2011 at 10:10 am

Heartline Karawaci 100.6 FM

Heartline Karawaci broadcasts live programs especially about health , You can listen talk shows, interviews, music about health care and many more events.You can also be a part of this on air network by calling on (021)59494 223. Discuss about your health problems, baby and pregnancy , fresh health , culiner, home & life.Listen live 24/4 Hrs online streaming from here. This is basically in Indonesian Language and from Karawaci, Indonesia.


heartline karawaci

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  • tetsuya


    klo menurut gw, gak perlu repot memilih pasangan hidup, karena siapapun yg kita pilih itu adalah yang terbaik menurut Tuhan, karna semua yang diciptakan Tuhan adalah baik adanya, yg penting gimana kita menjalankannya dan menerima baik buruknya seseorang.

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