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Global TV Online Streaming Indonesia

Watch Online Global TV Streaming , Broadcasting from your country Indonesia , Serving Indonesian community and providing entertaining programs live.This is basically one of the famous national Private TV channel in the country which is the terrestrial broadcasting of Jakarta.Global TVĀ  headquarter is based in Jakarta.Now its transmission expand to other five major cities of Indonesia.

global tv Indonesia streamingYou can watch sports Events , Entertaining programs , Educational programs and many hit programs that are famous in community.It provides 24/7 hrs live service.It was established in January 1, 1998.For programs schedule Official website should be helpful to you.

Watch Global TV Streaming Live

Enjoy 24/7 hrs live service of this channel, enjoy all programs and we are waiting for your comments and suggestion to improve this more.

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  • ipikchundes


    thx for global,, walaupun ku di bruneidarussallam tapi ku masih bisa nonton acara indonesia,, i wish for your succes always global tv,, :)

  • barcalona



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